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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 00:00

Italian and French luxury brand acquisitions of tanneries are not a new phenomenon. Along with soaring raw material prices and a finite number of quality hides and skins there has been an explosion in demand for high-value leather goods. Some of the world’s largest luxury brands have snapped up tanners to secure supply and maintain an artisan tradition.

Additional markets with great potential in the region are: India, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and the African continent (Kenya, Ethiopia, and Burkina Faso among others). At Leatherworld Middle East, you will find direct channels to regional and international contacts – to decision makers, buyers and potential business partners for your company.

High raw hide prices continue to challenge manufacturers, affecting their profitability in the market. One major trend is the rise in vertical integration of tanneries by luxury brand manufacturers to ensure steady supply of high quality leather.